Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Lives of Others

A 2006 German movie (original name: Das Leben der Anderen) and director’s (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck) first feature film. von Donnersmarck was 33 years old when he shot this excellent movie. He wrote the scenario himself also. The movie took best foreign language film in 2007 that it really deserves. The time is the fall of East Germany. 5 years before the fall of Berlin Wall. A person loses his faith to the state and his ideology is changing, as the ideas are changing all over the state.

We see how art creates an effect on people and change them in a positive way during the strict times. The film captures you from the beginning and you feel inside in the sequence of events till the end of the movie. The emotional sides of characters are well drawn and their inner struggles have been touched intensively.Various changes take place in their personality, also in the country. Regime change, conflicts in the country and difficulties of being an artist under the surveillance of art are provided as the reasons for the actions of the characters in the movie. It includes a drama, love, politics, improbity and humanity in its storyline.A must see movie. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen ever, from its storyline to well textured character, from its cinematography to its decors and matching story with the historical reality. I think film’s greatest strength is the acting. It is so powerful and encompasses you to the story.After reading all around about the movie, I noticed that one of the main characters, Ülrich Mühe (an astonishing actor, but unfortunately died one year after the movie release), had a similar betrayal event in his life while he was living in East Berlin.

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