Thursday, August 19, 2010

Into the wild (2007)

A Sean Pean movie. Adaptation of a real story. Was really famous when it was on the theatre if you have heard about it at that time. Chris, a young university graduate, questions his life and tries to find a meaning but he can't. Grown up in an unhappy family and had a problematic childhood with her sister where parents do not communicate but fight. Even seems to have a strong self-conscious and mighty young guy to others, a fragile kid inside and following his graduation, he decides to run away from everything and live the life in its most natural form. He simply wants to go to basics, into the woodlands, into the wildness of nature.
What I liked about his story, he has kinda reminded me myself, that even I never hit myself on the roads for two years heading to Alaska, me too I wanted to leave everything, everyone, the already written plot of my personality seen by others, the comedy that we were playing around without having any motivation but desperately trying to find one… In that sense, I understand what Chris wanted to do with his life. I like the story for its being a real life story.
Even during the whole movie, many times you find yourself saying “ok dude all those wild stuff you’re doing there, they are fun ok but come on, leaving everything without knowing what you are heading to. And come on, there are people who wants to be in your feet in this hard world”, when you think again, you see a Chris that was lonely in his life, fell out with people and offended to his family, created a world with his favorite road books (Henri David Thoreau, Jack London, Tolstoy…) and living there trying to be happy.Talking about movie, I think it’s clear that it wouldn’t have made an echo if it wasn’t a real story. The photography of movie was really successful, landscapes of America, canyons, deserts and forests were glorious. I found main actor (Emile Hirsch) pretty successful too. If you are only intending to see a youth defying the nature, I don’t suggest the movie. However, if you want to understand him, not to question his thoughtless actions but join his survival and listen to its perfect soundtrack, you shouldn’t miss that movie.
"I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don't want one."

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