Saturday, July 10, 2010

I miss Ireland now

I’ve seen Waiting for Dublin, a 2007 movie. The story and script is not fascinating, nor the directing (but I’m not gonna talk about them). Even it’s a 2007, makes you think that it was shot in 1985 or so. It passes in an Irish village (on the side of Ireland) at the time of the end of second world war. It was just very nice to see some traditional Irish life style, natural beauty of Irish landscapes, Irish breakfast and happily-dancing-singing people.
It reminded me the days that I spent in Ireland and nice memories. I like the pictures in the movie. There are many outside shots which let you to have an idea of the Irish landscape and weather. It’s a very beautiful country and lovely people (not smiling often but they are nice indeed:)) No wonder why Daniel-Day Lewis chose a country house in the middle of Wicklow mountains to spend his life.
No wonder where he’s getting his life-time inspiration. I decided to go to Ireland in the future for a nice holiday in the country side and to travel a bit in this beautiful country. (P.S. I just want to take attention to the main actor there: Andrew Keegan, a good actor, should be seen in a bit more serious movies too)

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