Thursday, September 3, 2009

Edward D. Wood, Jr by Tim Burton

I've just seen the 1994 movie of Tim Burton. A biography of the "the worst director of all time" awarded American director Ed Wood. Tim Burton is among the three directors that I want to see all the works of them. (The other two are Tarantino and Coen brothers). Who was this Ed Wood guy? I have never heard this name before and I didn't know that the movie is a biographic one until I finish it. For the first time, I got really bored in a Tim Burton movie. But since he's in my top targets list, I didn't want to cut it. Maybe it was the lacking colors, counter to burton's style, that made it so tiresome.
I haven't seen all the movies of Johnny Depp (even if I'm close to) but I think this one was one of the most challenging ones in terms of creating a biographical character and undersign it. It was like he pushes the scenes and puts a lot effort. I think it wouldn't even be that much less boring without him. I cannot say anything about the similarities of the real life of Ed Wood and Ed Wood in the story of the movie. Cuz i think the biographies that I've read are written after that movie. I think it should be the passion of Ed Wood to seventh art that made Burton interested in this character and maybe the similarity of their lives (both have met with their all time idols that triggered them). And maybe that's why it's one of the most personal movies of Burton in his filmography. Even I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed during the movie, I believe that it's a sensational work for Tim Burton, a greeting to this passionate character Ed Wood; a chance to Johnny Depp to prove himself (by acting in a biographical movie) in the industry of cinema; and a progress of the intimacy of Burton-Depp duo (while I'll still be prefering these fascinating, fabled, vivid world of Burton cinematographie).

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